I don't know how to be, to be without you...

One Sided Horse took to the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds last night for what was another intense and passionate performance. I gush a lot when I write about them, I know I do, but I’m always blown away. Whether it be just Mark and an acoustic guitar or the full band rocking out, I’m always genuinely moved. The honesty of Mark’s lyrics and the passion with which he sings is such a raw, beautiful thing. And the way the songs build up and grow with the band creates such a powerful, glorious sound. For me it’s such an emotional thing and really just beyond words.

And while I’m not exactly involved, I just sort of hang out on the fringes of things, it’s such an honour to in some small way be a part of the One Sided Horse adventure. There’s no way to explain how much that means. Once again seeing people wearing my t-shirts and buying my posters, seeing Mike Heaton at a drum kit adorned with my design... What can I possibly say?

Roll on the next One Sided adventure.

With many thanks once again to One Sided Horse and Code Drum Heads.